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Scarab Lounge, Full-service Web Solutions, Web Design & Digital Marketing Agency, Strategy, Management, and, IT, consultants, Wireframes, Web Design, Marketing Strategy, Beyond SEO, Marketing Online, Graphic Design, Search Engine Optimization
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We are highly skilled, enthusiastic, creative, well organized, and for all a positive and optimistic team.
We have many years of experience and some of us are young(er) puppies. A mix of different origins and therefore national as well international orientated. Which is very handy for the international orientated internet and its connected social media and the exploding Marketplaces.


The Scarab Lounge Team holds a common passion ¨The Commercial Internet¨ with a desire to lift what is happening today to a higher level in the broadest sense of the word and reachable for more, who want to sell online.


¨We are just at the beginning of a digital era that will extend and develop much faster & further than we possibly can imagine today¨.


We are besides teambuilders, international entrepreneurs with many years of experience and therefore understand the upcoming Challenges and their Solutions you stand for when starting or growing to the next online level.


We are here to help you to reach your goals which always starts with the IDEA. You just have to let us know your wishes.



Work Hard, Play Hard, Your idea to Solution. Scarab Lounge a full-service Digital Agency for National and International Websites, Marketing and Social Media