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We build you great commercial Websites and Shops with Wordpress. We position them through SEO and market them. From small to very large and complex sites, starting: from idea to concept | creating a structure | design | create & gather the content | build it | test it | use it |make it better | devise strategy to sell more with SEO and all other marketing strategies including social media.
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We are, Hands-on Senior Product and  Project Managers.

Our Passion is to Analyze, Evaluate, Develop, Create and Help to Implement Online Strategies.

What do we do

Product, Project & Strategy management & consultantcy

We work on location or remotely for a predetermined time and price.

Developing & Implementing online solutions & marketing strategies

It may includes the creation of the operational process.

Analyzing, Develop and Evaluate business strategies

When functioning properly we turn the project to the qualified personnel.

Our mother tongues

Dutch, English, Spanish & Catalan (on request others).

How do we do it

We integrate (from of 1 person) into your team or we put a new team of professionals together

In any case, we supervise until the project has been satisfactorily completed

We study your case from A to Z 

Package the data found in complete & clear & presentation.

Which results in

Creating, building, maintaining and hosting commercial websites.

Implementing and maintaining all other (new) media with their specific strategies.

Preventive feasibility checks: checks on existing & (potentially new) clients.

Online Reputation management.

Which means for you

More sales, More turnover, Great overview of whats going on and why.
Streamlined (online) business model implemented were all involved now know what to do and how to proceed and make it even better.
Realtime Inside view of what you are doing and what the competition is doing 24/7 and much more…

How do we work?

Our consult process usually begins by becoming acquainted with what the company produces in the way of goods and services.
Assessing the current status of the customer’s online presence usually follows in short order.

Once this basic knowledge is obtained, we seek to understand what the customer wishes to achieve with its Internet presence.
By comparing what is already known with the desired outcome of developing or refining the online presence, we can begin to make intelligent suggestions about how to develop a web strategy that will make it possible to achieve all set goals.

Interested? drop us a line.

Scarab Lounge, Wireframes, Web Design, Marketing Strategy and Beyond SEO
How do we do it?

The exact component used per consult will vary based on the needs and goals of the customer.
If the client is part of the retail industry and currently has stores scattered around a large geographical area, the goal may be to use online tools to promote those stores. The client may wish to establish a central online process for making purchases for direct shipment or pick up at a local store. In any situation, the consulting will focus on defining what the client wants to accomplish, the reasons behind the perceived process and finally the development of a viable strategy.


A dedicated team of all shapes and sizes from different countries

We operate from our headquarters in Barcelona with a satellite team of marketing specialist in the Netherlands.

How ever lots of times we work on site all around the world from of 1 month ascending up to a year.

Our goal´s

Most projects are for a predetermined period. All projects need to be finalized within the predetermined budget and set deadline.
A project is considered successful when it functions properly and has been turned over to the qualified personnel within the client´s organization.

Our experience

Our Consult knowledge is based on many years of experience (since 1993 online and since 1986 analogue and digital) in a wide range of startups, ideas worked out to concepts, up structures, wireframes, design, collecting and creating content, the building of the structures, testing it, using it, making it better, reviewing it and designing strategies to optimize the usability to sell more or to inform better.
This knowledge of the information technologies is very helpful. Due to this we will have a good idea of what is required in the way of hardware and software to build the model desired by the client.
Our design and marketing background, especially in the area of Internet marketing, is often turned out to be essential when assisting clients in creating an ongoing public relations and sales approach.
Our proficiency in the realm of web site design may also come into play with some Internet consulting work, in that the consultant can assist with using the right mix of graphics, text, and various other tools to create web sites that will attract the type of attention the client wishes to generate.

Our consults specialize in areas, such as working infrastructure that support existing sales efforts, e-commerce solutions, online product branding, helping the client place higher on search engine results.

We convert ideas and concepts into (profitable) online Websites

It always starts with ideas followed by a Concept (briefing) and (should be) followed by Wireframe, Design, Content development and its Usability. All with a strong mind on SEO to get great ranking and lots of traffic towards your website.

All can start small and grow gradual, its up to you.

For the final role-out of your website we offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies amongst lot of other stuff and their implementations and when needed a Kick-Ass¨App.


Interested? click here

All internet needs split into two main groups

Overall SolutionsAd hoc Services

available in parts or turnkey


Current official status of online presence. Our favourite starting point.


Without ideas the world would be like the internet two years ago.


Right after brainstorming & reality check it´s time for the concept.


Clean up, modify and organize of the Content Management System (CMS).


The flow diagram (Architect plan) a need in detail & functionalities.


Where technique, usability, look & Feel translated into design comes together.


Correction service on the for public visible parts of websites & applications.


Where all the parts for the project will be determined, collected and monitored.


The technical & final part of the process to finalize the project.


Search Engine Optimization check to find the exact visitor status of your online presence.


Before launching, all project need to be tested, corrected & tested again.


The product is ready, reviewing starts, followed by correcting, testing & reviewing.


Preventive customers check and search engine reputation cleanup service.

09 SEO

Our ¨Beyond¨ Search Engine Optimization will provide you Information & Solutions.


Strategy & planning are key requirements for effective execution & achieving goals.

¨Scarab Lounge¨ from idea to concept | up structure, Wireframe | design | gather & creating the content | build it | test it | use it |make it better, reviewboard | devise strategy to sell more & more