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Scarab Lounge, is a IT, strategy and management consultant company. We work on location or remotely for a predetermined time and price. We analize, develope and eveluate strategies for (online) businesses. When functioning properly we turn the project to your qualified personnel. We are specialists in developing retail interfaces and marketing strategies. We operate by intergrating into your team or we put together a new team of professionals. Besides that we offer feasibility checks which is a protection check concerning potential (new) clients. We also offer Online Reputation management and our hands-on team creates, build and maintains commercial websites and implement all other media with their specific strategies.
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On demand


Our Ad Hoc service consists of 5 products


    To find out the current status of your online presence it's recommended to start with our ¨Zero document¨. It is a great way to know what´s going on.


    A service to give you ¨insides¨ of the status of your Content Management System (CMS) in all its facet, amongst: design, content, technical status, SEO & Marketing.

  • 002 TUNING

    Our service to enter correction and changes you would like to have on your website. They can be ¨one word¨ corrections up to complete implementations. You tell and we make it happen.

  • 003 SEO AD HOC

    The Service that will give you all the insides of your online status with a strong focus to explain what will be needed to optimize your website concerning traffic towards your web presence.


    We check who you're dealing with online. Your personal and/or business status in search engines and blogs and/or of your competition and clean up where possible.

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our solutions consist of 10 products together necessary steps to operate online websites

  • 01 IDEA

    It all starts with an idea,
    share it with us & together we can start the journey.
    ¨Without ideas the world would be like the internet two years ago¨.

  • 02 CONCEPT

    After brainstorming concerning the feasibility, several reality checks & other important information we arrived to the point of finalizing the concept briefing.


    The project is now ready to be placed in a flow diagram (Architect plan) in all its detail & functionality. All in full working order but, without design.

  • 04 DESIGN

    Now the look and feel of the product has to be translated into design. The battle ground between technique, usability and design takes place on this moment.

  • 05 CONTENT

    The moment where all items of the project come to gether, amoongst: copywriting, photography, movie, final design, Google maps, key word checks, & social media.

  • 06 DEVELOP

    All design, text, wireframe instructions, coding etc. bounded in a milestones document of the whole project, including: deadline & budget management.

  • 07 TESTING

    All the products are part of testing for release 1.0. before yhis point everything is Beta 0.1. tests involve: stress testing, functionality, usability, design, overall look and feel, etc.


    Review of entire the project, followed by correcting, testing and reviewing again till the project is A Okay for all and ready for a possible up-date in the near future.

  • 09 SEO

    ¨Beyond¨ Search Engine Optimization will provide you Information & Solutions. It will provide you visitor results & lots of other information such as (new) keywords.


    Implementing the online marketing strategy is key,
    from of blogs, advertising,
    free publicity, email campaigns in the broughtest sense of the word.