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Scarab Lounge, is a IT, strategy and management consultant company. We work on location or remotely for a predetermined time and price. We analize, develope and eveluate strategies for (online) businesses. When functioning properly we turn the project to your qualified personnel. We are specialists in developing retail interfaces and marketing strategies. We operate by intergrating into your team or we put together a new team of professionals. Besides that we offer feasibility checks which is a protection check concerning potential (new) clients. We also offer Online Reputation management and our hands-on team creates, build and maintains commercial websites and implement all other media with their specific strategies.
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Preventive Feasibility Check & Online Reputation Management

Scarab Lounge Make or Break Bonnie and Clyde by wikipedia.com
Scarab Lounge example telephone on fire Reputation management
Scarab Lounge Volkswagen VW Damage controle Reputation Management
Scarab Lounge Mc Donalds Reputation management
Scarab Lounge GM Lied example Reputation Management

Above are samples. We have no relation with any of the companies on this page.

Straetus debt collection at scarab lounge

So if you still run into trouble check out Straetus debt collection. They are a franchise company with their headquarters in The Netherlands and right now with over 70 franchises all around the world.
You want to start a frenchise, click here.

004 Make or Break, Feasibility Check & Online Reputation Management


Make or Break ¨Preventive Feasibility Check¨ Service


Will check the status of any company and/or persons

A service that developed (and is still developing) over the years in this very fast changing online world.

We and our clients run on a day to day base in with more and more potentially great clients. Luckily most of them are.
However, there are a lot of them who are doing their upmost best to be not so honest. They use all kind of methods going from fishing e-mails up to complete fake companies.


Lots of things can be done to prevent a lot of damage on fore-hand

Things you can do to prevent damage of non-paying clients or fake partners, such as:

  • Never deliver without payment guarantee
  • Be very care full if the credit card address is different from the delivery address.
  • Pay lots of attention when the payment method is from a different country than the nationality of the (person) company.
  • Check if they pick up the phone when you call them.
  • Check how they found you.
  • Besides lots of other things ¨When it’s too good to be through, it probably is¨.


Our ¨Feasibility Client Check¨

Is focussing on what can find online concerning the potential new client.


Besides the standard routine information such as Chamber of Commerce information we check amongst others:

  • Credit check
  • Determine risk ratings
  • Identify safety hazards
  • Name of company and related companies (in past and present)Persons behind the company (in past and present)
  • What shows up in internet media such as: Blogs, posts, Social media channels (all in past and present)
  • How many social friends, what do they do, what do they blog or post
  • Are there court cases running


Status of the internet (URL) where we do find status information such as:

  • Age of the page (URL)
  • Owner of the page (URL)
  • Reliability of the URL
  • Meta Information
  • Host Information
  • DNS Records
  • Search Engines Data
  • Google Page Rank Data
  • Google Page Speed Data
  • Google Safe Browsing Data
  • Web of Trust Data
  • Site Advisor Rating Data
  • Alexa data
  • SEOMoz Data
  • WHOIS Information
  • Social Data
  • Update Information to the Database (how often)


  • Check of given address (status of environment)
  • Check of the found addresses against the given
  • Check against the real website owner


How do we do it

We know the ins and outs of the internet (since 1994).


This besides the language problems. Our team is build up with native speakers in the languages: Spanish, Catalan, French, German, Dutch, English, Italian. When other languages are required we probably have them already in our network.


When a person just starts searching from his home country to an other country the information shown can and most of the will be very different than when you are in the specific country. To overcome this problem we  search in the different countries by using VPN connections.
This way we find what is known concerning the company or person in the specific country.


VPN makes the system believe that you are actual in the country which is in reality the truth since it concerns server connections that go on the internet in the specific country.


For example: we are based in Barcelona. We can freely surf on the internet. At least that´s what Catalan people would like to believe.

The truth however, is a little different. From of Catalonia you can for instance surf to google.com, but, you will be re-directed to google.es which is Spanish.
Result: what you find is what google.es (Spain) wants to show to the Catalan people.
This besides that the official country code for Catalonia is .cat.


A other example is China who is blocking lots of web sites.


By the way, Google it self is a great example: they show you what they think you are looking for by all your earlier searches. We clean our computers before searches and we use lots of other search tools than just Google.

Such as:
On Internet

1. Google
2. Bing
3. Yahoo
4. Ask.com
5. AOL.com
6. Baidu
7. Wolframalpha
8. DuckDuckGo
9. Internet Archive
10. ChaCha.com


On Dark Web



On Mobile/handheld

Taganode: Local Search Engine
Taptu: taptu mobile/social search
URX: App Search





Based on Yahoo!



Based on Google

AOL Search, until 2015.
CompuServe Search
MySpace Search
Mystery Seeker


Based on Bing

AOL, from 2015
Alexa Internet
Ms. Dewey


Based on Ask.com

Hakia (semantic search)






Getit Infoservices Private Limited
GenieKnows (United States and Canada)
Nexis (Lexis Nexis)
Majestic Search Engine
Thomasnet (United States)



Shodan (website)



Noodle Education


Academic materials only

BASE (search engine)
Google Scholar
Library of Congress



See also: Enterprise search
Funnelback: Funnelback Search
Jumper 2.0: Universal search powered by Enterprise bookmarking
Oracle Corporation: Secure Enterprise Search 10g
Q-Sensei: Q-Sensei Enterprise
TeraText: TeraText Suite
Swiftype: Swiftype Search



Google Scholar
Lexis (Lexis Nexis)





Amongst many others…


Some examples of fraud


Interested in Preventive feasibility checks, click here

004 Make or Break, Feasibility Check & Online Reputation Management


Make or Break ¨Online Reputation Management¨ service


This service started by solving private online problems concerning false information spread around by third parties. Now we use it mostly to prevent damage at forehand for companies and private persons.


Some examples


Before damage occurres:

  • People blog harmful things about your product.
    First you need to know that this is happening followed by preventing it to spread


  • People are starting rumors in a positive or negative way on social media.
    What will be your action?


After, when damage has occurred:

  • You’re or you’re company has a bad reputation on social media and/or internet.
    What to do, change it or letting go?


Make or Break action plan:
  • Gather information on what´s out there written or in photo´s.
  • Reality check: is it really harmful.
  • What can be changed removed easily.
  • Who needs to be contacted to move the information.
  • Start contacting. Will they remove the information.
  • What is after most of the time some months left over and can´t be removed.
  • Start moving the harmful items to pages far away in the search engines as possible.


Action plan:
  • How to prevent rumours and/or false allegations in the future?