SEO Ad Hoc - Scarab Lounge, your IT, strategy and Managament consultant
Scarab Lounge, is a IT, strategy and management consultant company. We work on location or remotely for a predetermined time and price. We analize, develope and eveluate strategies for (online) businesses. When functioning properly we turn the project to your qualified personnel. We are specialists in developing retail interfaces and marketing strategies. We operate by intergrating into your team or we put together a new team of professionals. Besides that we offer feasibility checks which is a protection check concerning potential (new) clients. We also offer Online Reputation management and our hands-on team creates, build and maintains commercial websites and implement all other media with their specific strategies.
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Scarab Lounge SEO optimization 1908 ford interchangeable parts by

To explain SEO, you can look at a whole product and zoom for detail (such as a car). Orden all items  you find. Start fine tuning every item that could /should be improved. Set up a strategy and implement it and after a while start all over. Remember: the objective is differnet for everyone.

Scarab Lounge Model T Ford engine in car SEO example
Scarab Lounge Model T Ford engine SEO example
Scarab Lounge The Model T Ford engine SEO explained
Scarab Lounge Ford 8N engine drawing SEO example in detail

Now we have all the parts ¨in detail¨,

we have set our objectives. lets start rebuilding.

Scarab Lounge Ford 3 speed fully synchronized transmission SEO detailed example
Scarab Lounge the little rascals SEO example



Our  Search enigine Optimization Ad Hoc service will give you all the insides of your online status with a strong focus to explain what will be needed to optimize your website concerning traffic towards your web presence. With the outcome of our ¨In Depth¨ paper implementation can start. We can do this for you or you can have a go with your own team.


What is (SEO)

Search engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or individual web pages in search engine´s free (unpaid) results. Also known as ¨Natural¨, ¨Organic¨ or ¨Earned¨ results.



In general a higher ranked webpage or website higher ranked on search engine´s result pages and the more frequently a web site appears in the results lists, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine´s users. These visitors can be converted into customers.


SEO is more

SEO can be targeted for all kind of different searches such as:

  • Image search
  • Video search
  • News search
  • Academic search
  • Industry specific search
  • Local search


SEO Marketing

As Internet marketing strategy, SEO considers what people search for, what search terms / keywords the users use and which search engines they prefer to use.
Optimization involves editing its website content, HTML and associated coding to increase the relevant and specific keywords. On the other hand, barriers for indexing activities by search engine´s will be removed. Other way of promoting by SEO is to increase the number of backlinks and inbound links.


Scarab Lounge offers a full range of SEO solutions and support


Scarab Lounge ¨In Depth¨ paper is where it starts


We send you monthly a full site Audit Document (or more often if there is a need).
It will give you detailed insides of all what is going on concerning your website (URL) including:

  • What
  • Why is this important
  • Recommended action proposed
  • Tips for the future
  • Exact possible problem
  • How many times
  • Where to find exactly the specific item


How does it work

To start we have to place some specific code into the ¨Header¨ of your website. When implemented (24 hours) we start to check on the results of the website (URL) that holds the code.

The first results usually are after two weeks.

When done we sent you our findings in the form of our ¨In Depth¨ paper.


The ¨In Depth¨ paper contains the following

First we want to find out the overall grade of the targeted website. Its important to know the actual situation. This way we all know month by month if and where is progress or not. SEO is a relative slow process, after the first fast results it can take months of slow growth and after you have to maintain it as well.

To get a grade we collect information such as:



Is each page of your site valuable and unique?



Is your site as fast as it could be?



Are you keeping yourself and your customers safe?



Are you measuring your site and is your content easy to share?



Does your site have enough links from outside sources?



Number of pages on your own site that we were able to crawl to create this report.



Number of links from your site to other sites that we were able to crawl to create this report.

Example of a pretty okay website with poor SEO and Reputation

Scarab Lounge Overall Grade A90:100 example

Example of an on the way okay website with better SEO and bad Reputation,

below previous report of two weeks before.

Scarab Lounge Overall Grade B86:100 example

Example of a potential okay website with poor SEO high Reputation but poor HTML tags.

Scarab Lounge Overall Grade B85:100 example

Example of a website with soso SEO and very poor HTML tags.

Scarab Lounge Overall Grade B80:100 example

¨In Depth¨ specific SEO information

After having set the grade of the website we start the ¨In Depth¨paper process, full of recommendations and proposed actions. All placed in an easy to read document. On the side we deliver CSV files(; seperated files for Excel) for every single possible correction and their specific location.


 Topics are:
  • Duplicate Title Tags
  • Missing Title Tags
  • Long Title Tags
  • Multiple Title Tags
  • Hostname
  • Reachability
  • Redirects
  • Anchor Text
  • Broken Links
  • Dead End Pages
  • Page Not Found
  • Long Url´s
  • Duplicate Content
  • Duplicate Meta Description
  • Too Many Links
  • Server Errors
  • Robots.txt
  • Session Ids
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • On-Site Links
  • Low Word Count
  • Image Descriptions