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Scarab Lounge, is a IT, strategy and management consultant company. We work on location or remotely for a predetermined time and price. We analize, develope and eveluate strategies for (online) businesses. When functioning properly we turn the project to your qualified personnel. We are specialists in developing retail interfaces and marketing strategies. We operate by intergrating into your team or we put together a new team of professionals. Besides that we offer feasibility checks which is a protection check concerning potential (new) clients. We also offer Online Reputation management and our hands-on team creates, build and maintains commercial websites and implement all other media with their specific strategies.
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Our ¨Cleanup¨ services gives you the ¨insides¨ of the status of your Content Management System (CMS) (back-end office) in all its facet such as:

  • Design
  • Content
  • Technical status
  • SEO
  • Marketing

When done, you know exactly what could, should or shouldn’t be changed.

With this document you, your personal, third party or us can do the changes for you.